Posted: August 30th, 2016

When a grand jury votes to indict a defendant it hands up a?

1. The standard of evidence sufficient to allow a judge at a preliminary hearing to bind a case over to a felony court for prosecution is ___________________.
2. A ______________ is a formal written request by an attorney to a judge to obtain a ruling or order.
3. The Eighth Amendment prohibits _____________ bail.
4. A formal charge against a defendant is either a/an ___________ or a/an _______________.
5. The refusal of courts to interfere with the discretionary charging decisions of prosecutors represents the ___________________________________________________ doctrine in action.
6. The major function of both the grand jury and the preliminary examination is the ______________________ of cases.
7. When a grand jury votes to indict a defendant it hands up a ____________ _______________ of indictment.
8. When performing a professional function that involves the exercise of discretion, the prosecutor enjoys ______________ _______________ from civil lawsuits.
9. ____________ ______________ is the first step in an American felony trial.
10. In the prosecution s and defense s case in chief, expert witnesses can offer ______________ testimony.
11. If a Defendant absconds after a felony trial has begun, the defendant may be tried ______________ _______________.
12. Under Rovario v. US, a defendant has a constitutional right to know the ____________ of a witness against him.
13. Under the constitution, jury trials are not required in prosecutions of _____________ crimes.
14. The verdicts in common law and federal criminal juries must be _______________.
15. A lawyer who excludes a potential juror from jury service during voir dire without giving a reason has exercised a/an ________________ challenge.

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