Posted: February 3rd, 2017

What is the goal of the research you are proposing to address for your chosen case study?

• Case Study 2 (General and Applied Psychology): The staff at a large mental health clinic has noticed that patients age 35 and older respond well to calls regarding follow-up appointments and medication reminders. However, patients younger than 35 have a much lower response rate to phone call reminders. They do not answer calls and do not often respond to voice mail requesting they call the clinic back; they are more likely to respond to text messages or social media outreach. The result is that many follow-up appointments are missed and patients do not take their medication as directed. Missed medication and appointments result in poor quality of mental health for patients, and missed appointments result in added costs for the clinic. The approximate number of patients on the telephone recall list is 1,500, and 60% are above 35 years of age.

Address the following issues in 260 to 350 words in essay format:

• After selecting a case study, think about how you could research this scenario. • Compose at least one research question for the case study you selected. • What is the goal of the research you are proposing to address for your chosen case study? • Define the steps of the research process you would follow. • Evaluate how ethical considerations would affect your research. • Explain how you will consider cultural diversity in the interpretation of your research findings.

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