Posted: November 29th, 2015

globus presentation

Each team must make a 15-20 minute presentation reporting their analysis of their simulation company’s performance.
You are expected to present the various decision making
aspects of Glo-Bus with a deliberate effort to weave in course concepts covered during the entire semester

Showing how course concepts came to life in your Glo-Bus experience is the main focus here.

Presentations will be evaluated in four equally weighted components: (a) analytical ability (including use of course concepts, frameworks, and tools), (b) quality of presentation choreography (including flow, eye-contact, composure as a whole team, theatrics), (c) level of audience interest (including presenting team’s
every kind of effort to keep the audience engaged), and (d) breadth and depth of post-presentation discussion (including presenting team’s ability to answer audience questions AND presenting team’s ability to pose thought-provoking discussion worthy questions).

In other words, the content has 25% weight, and
the stylistic aspects have 75% weight.

This presentation must go through a formal ‘dry run’ th
at the communications consultant will review. Feedback of the communications consultant must be incorporated
to your final presentatioN.

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