Posted: March 21st, 2016

A Girl Like Me (race, culture and gender)

A Girl Like Me (race, culture and gender)
Watch the ‘A Girl Like Me’ video clip at: (Links to an external site.)
Compare and contrast the experiences shared by the girls in the video with those experienced by Nyasha and Tambu in chapters 6 through 9 of Nervous Conditions. Describe how race and culture exacerbated conflict for Tambu and the girls in the video. Be specific. Refer to the rest of the assigned readings for this week-Batts (2008); Bergner (2009); and Williams (1997)-as you discuss your examples. These readings provide you a conceptual framework with which to analyze the week’s topics (the interaction between race, culture, and gender); make sure you use them and connect them to your discussion. Finally, what do you think about Batts’ (2008) model for combating modern racism?

List of assigned readings:
•Batts, Valerie (2008). Is reconciliation possible? Lessons from combating “modern” racism.
•Bergner, Gwen (2009). Black Children, White Preference: Brown v. Board, the Doll Tests, and the Politics of Self-Esteem. American Quarterly, 61(2), 299-332.
•Williams, P. (1997). The alchemy of race and rights.
Additional assigned reading:
•Dangarembga, Tsitsi (2004) Nervous Conditions. [Chapters 6 through 9]
Recommended readings:
•Lee and Farrell (2006). Is Cultural Competency a Backdoor to Racism? Anthropology News. [ ]
•Bonilla-Silva, E. (1997) Rethinking Racism: Toward a Structural Interpretation. American Sociological Review 62(3): 465.
•Davidheiser, M. (2008). Race, Worldviews, and Conflict Mediation: Black and White Styles of Conflict Revisited. Peace and Change. 33(1): 60.

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