Posted: December 11th, 2022

Identify the IP that should be used to protect GILMOs use of the name LoktYU.

GILMOs use of the name LoktYU


April and Allen are entrepreneurs who together own a limited liability company, GILMO, LLC. They are inventors and have invented a widget that can be plugged into a mobile phone or personal computer to detect unsolicited third party access of camera and/or audio recording features on the equipment and block the intruder with a repeating loop of nonsense gibberish that can be stopped on the intruder’s device only by the widget’s primary user. This widget has a proprietary design, software, and operating code. GILMO is calling it “LoktYU.” Currently the only intellectual property (IP) protection GILMO has employed is trade secret.


GILMO asks the following specific questions about additional intellectual property (IP) for protecting their widget. Please list the correct answers. 

1.  (10 pts) Identify the IP that should be used to protect GILMO’s use of the name “LoktYU.” What is the definition of this IP? How long does the protection of this IP last? If they file for federal protection, what is the federal agency where they file? Lastly, is it necessary to file with the federal agency to have this IP protection?

2. (10 pts) GILMO, LLC is the creator of the widget’s software. Identify the IP that protects the operating code. What is the definition of this IP? State how long it lasts, and with which federal agency it should be officially registered.

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