Posted: April 12th, 2016

The Fourth Amendment requires that a search warrant describe with ______________________ the persons or things to be seized?

1. The Fourth Amendment includes a/an __________________ and a/an _________________ clause.
2. As an alternative to incorporating the Fourth Amendment exclusionary rule, the Supreme Court established the _________ _____ __________ test inRochin v. California (1952).
3. A passenger in an automobile has no _________________ to challenge the constitutionality of evidence seized from the car by police.
4. The Fourth Amendment protects a person s interests in __________, property and privacy.
5. Victims of police violations of their Fourth Amendment rights can go to court to seek a/an _______________ to stop the intrusions.
6. Only the _______________ theory is now relied on by the Supreme Court to justify the Fourth Amendment exclusionary rule.
7. Electronic eavesdropping for national security purposes is conducted under the __________________________ Act.
8. The Fourth Amendment requires that a search warrant describe with ______________________ the persons or things to be seized.
9. In order to challenge the accuracy of a search warrant in a pretrial hearing, a defendant must make a preliminary showing that the police officer made a false statement on the affidavit intentionally or with a/an __________ _______ for the truth.
10. The expectation of privacy doctrine under Katz v US (1966) is a/an _________ __________ test.
11. Facts that would lead an experienced police officer to believe that a crime has been, is or is about to be committed defines the evidentiary standard of _________________ __________________.
12. In Illinois v Gates (1983) the Supreme Court replaced the two pronged test to asses the accuracy of information in a search warrant affidavit supplied by a secret informant with the ______________________________________ test.
13. One of the essential elements of a constitutional plain view seizure is that _____________________________________________________________.
14. The _________________ is the land and buildings immediately surrounding a dwelling house.
15. The only way a police search of a person s areas of expectation of privacy constitutional without a warrant and without probable cause or reasonable suspicion is ____________________.

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