Posted: April 1st, 2015

forensic science

forensic science

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Abstract on Ballistics
Over several decades, technology has significantly improved forensic sciences. One new technology is model. The two- dimensional images of bullets are essentially photographs, often black and white, with a distinct limit of detail. The use of technology has change the methods of analyzing the bullets in firearm examined. Analysis of these projection ballistic can help determine where a weapon was fired, based on shells and cartridges left at the crime scene. Comprehensive ballistic identification system require gun manufacture to test-fire the firearms it produce and store images of the ballistic marking left on cartridges. Imaging for forensic comparison of bullets and cartridge case provides specific advantages in reach. Forensic Investigators are developing and improving databases that identify ridge and groove markings left behind from fired rounds.

Instruction: Abstract: should be 1- page 250 words in 12 point font. You must provide a typewritten paper abstract identifying your topic. The propel should have sufficient detail to explain your planned research. The abstract should include your research question, the theory or theories that inform your search, the methods of data collection and analysis to be used and what you believe.
Citation: You must the APA guide for identifying author cited in the text as well as the bibliography listing all sources used in alphabetical order.
Paper Format: Paper must be typed, double space with one inch side, top and bottom margins and use a 12 point font. A cover page with the title and your name is sufficient.
Writing Guidelines: 1. Be clear about your main them or topic. Stay focused on your topic.
2. Clearly define your research question. In Criminal Justice, people sometimes use the word hypothesis which may be accepted by some writers, but is a bit of a misnomer.

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