Posted: April 24th, 2016

which of the following values for X would indicate management’s believing that the system has become more efficient?

1. The Four Star Publishing Company uses sixty reams of paper each hour at one of its high speed printing stations. The cycle time for a standard container, which holds 15 reams of paper, averages forty minutes. If management has decided to use three containers, what efficiency factor was applied?

Feedback: Given N = 3 containers
D = 60 reams per hour
T = 40/60 = 2/3 hour
C = 15 reams
82. A production system uses kanban cards to control production and movement of parts. One work center uses an average of 40 pieces per hour of a certain part. Standard containers hold 10 parts. The cycle time for parts containers is about 36 minutes. Management has assigned an efficiency factor of .20 to this work center. How many containers should be used to support this operation?
3 containers

Feedback: Given D = 40/hour
T = 0.6 hours, X = 0.20 and C = 10, therefore,

83. A production cell uses 240 pounds of plastic resin each 8-hour day. Resin is transported in drums that hold 100 pounds each. The material is obtained from a nearby supplier, and has a 12-hour cycle time. An efficiency factor of .15 has been assigned to this cell. What is the optimum number of containers to support this operation?
5 containers

Feedback: Given D = 240/8 = 30 pounds/hour
T = 12 hours
C = 100 pounds
X = 0.15

84. When lean is used in the context of services, which of the following is most often the focus?
A. the labor content of the service
B. the time needed to perform a service
C. the inventory tied up in the service
D. the equipment used in the service
E. suppliers of inputs to the service
85. Which of the following would not contribute to the leaning of services?
A. improve the reliability of vendors
B. increase the flexibility of the service system
C. have service workers handle multiple tasks
D. standardize the service output
E. improve the service process
86. Having a vendor be responsible for managing the restocking of inventory is what is meant by the term ___________.
87. Because the lean philosophy is so consequential competitively, firms are often advised to adopt it ________.
A. with products in the introduction phase of their life-cycle
B. with their vendors first
C. completely all at once
D. sequentially over time
E. globally before locally
88. Previously management calculated the number of kanban cards allowed by using a value of 1.3 for X. Assuming nothing else (e.g., usage rates, container capacities, etc.) which of the following values for X would indicate management’s believing that the system has become more efficient?
A. 2.6
B. 2.3
C. 1.5
D. 1.4
E. 1.2

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