Posted: February 22nd, 2017

. Which of the following statements best explains the relationship between the mitochondria and the plasma membrane?

9. A researcher wants to develop a new pharmaceutical compound to treat pain. Which of the following strategies will likely be the most effective process? A. Test extracts from newly discovered plants for pain-killing substances. B. Read anthropological studies to discover plants identified to relieve pain. C. Study molecular structures of existing pain medications and make structural analogs. D. Research the pain receptors of people who have unusually high pain thresholds.

50. Two boys pull their identical sleds to the top of a hill. One boy loads his sled with bricks while the other boy does not put any extra objects in his sled. The two boys, each weighing the same, get into their sleds and have a friend start them with equal pushes down the hill. Which of the following hypotheses are the boys most likely testing? A. The heavier the object, the more momentum it will have. B. The force of sliding friction is greater than the force of rolling friction. C. The size of the frictional force is determined by the types of surfaces rubbing together. D. The faster an object is traveling, the more momentum it will have.

51 . An individual suffers severe blunt trauma to the thoracic cavity. Which of the following organs are at greatest risk from this injury? A. Heart and lungs B. Liver and stomach C. Brain and spinal cord D. Large and small intestines

52. Which of the following statements best explains the relationship between the mitochondria and the plasma membrane? A. The mitochondria makes proteins that become a part of the plasma membrane. B. The mitochondria makes a gas that the plasma membrane uses. C. The mitochondria builds cytoskeleton that gives the plasma membrane strength. D. The mitochondria makes ATP that the plasma membrane can use for energy.

53. A researcher is studying the rate of chemical reactions within living blood cells. When placing the cells into a petri dish with a pH of 2.5, the researcher should predict that the rate of the reactions will A. increase immediately. B. decrease immediately. C. remain the same. D. increase immediately, then decrease gradually.

54. Which of the following represents Boyle’s gas law? A. Gas turns to a liquid when temperature reaches 0° C (32° F). B. As the volume of a gas increases, the temperature also increases. C. At any temperature, inert gases are less combustible than non-inert gases. D. At a fixed temperature, the pressure and volume of a gas are inversely related

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