Posted: April 24th, 2016

Which of the following questions is not answered by value stream mapping?

58. In the lean philosophy, the ideal lot size is:
A. the economic order quantity
B. the economic run size
C. one unit
D. the capacity of the standard container
E. N= (DT(1+X))/C
59. Which of the following does not contribute to reduced setup time and cost?
A. standardized setup tools
B. standardized setup equipment
C. custom setup procedures for each product
D. use of multipurpose equipment or attachments
E. use of group technology
60. A conveyance __________ signals parts movement.
A. Request
B. Routing
C. Bar code
D. Kanban
E. Kazian
61. The term that refers to the automatic detection of defects is:
A. kaizen
B. kanban
C. autonomation
D. automation
E. 100% inspection
62. A basic requirement for operating with the low inventories present in lean systems is:
A. Inventory space must be increased.
B. Inventory investment must be increased.
C. Major problems must be identified.
D. Major problems must have been solved.
E. Inventories must be reduced rapidly.
63. Which of the following is not characteristic of preventive maintenance in lean systems?
A. maintaining equipment in good operating condition
B. replacing parts when they are worn but before they fail
C. workers maintaining their own equipment
D. eliminating supplies of spare parts to reduce capital investment
E. perceiving breakdowns as an opportunity for improvement
64. The Five S’s don’t include _______.
A. Sort
B. Straighten
C. Sanitize
D. Sweep
E. Standardize
65. The Kaizen philosophy applies to ________.
A. Employee development
B. Safety stock
C. Waste
D. Supply Chain Management
66. A kanban card is used to signal that:
A. work is needed at the work center
B. work is ready to be moved to the next station
C. a worker has run out of parts needed for further processing
D. a machine has broken down and needs immediate attention
E. a machine is ready for preventive maintenance
67. With regard to suppliers, lean systems typically require:
A. delivery of large lots at regular intervals
B. buyer inspection of goods and materials
C. multiple sources from which to purchase
D. long-term relationships and commitments
E. the lowest price possible
68. Which of the following is characteristic of the lean philosophy?
A. Inventories are an asset.
B. Lot sizes are optimized by formula.
C. Vendors are co-workers, essentially other departments of our organization.
D. Queues are a necessary investment.
E. all of the above
69. The activities controlled in the same way by kanban and MRP II is the determination of:
A. rates of output
B. products to be built
C. materials required
D. capacity required
E. feedback information
70. Process design supporting lean doesn’t include ______.
A. Production flexibility
B. Duplicate facilities
C. Setup time reduction
D. Minimal inventory storage
E. Small lot sizes

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