Posted: March 1st, 2017

Which of the following describes a theory?

Which of the following best describes biodiversity?

A) the sum of all plants, animals, and microbes on the planet

B) the sum of all plants and animals on the planet

C) the kinds of trees and other plants in a forest

D) the kinds of plants and animals in a forest

E) plants and animals but not bacteria

2) Concern for the unfair concentration of waste sites and other hazardous activities in areas that are populated by poor or minorities is called:

A) sustainable growth.

B) environmental justice.

C) sound science.

D) sustainable development.

E) globalization.

3) Which of the following describes a theory?

A) an idea that is unproven

B) a hypothesis that can be tested through experiments

C) a scientific experiment

D) a model of how a system works

E) a worldview

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