Posted: January 14th, 2016

First, watch Mark Ruffalo (yes… the Hulk) deliver the 1918 speech Debs was arrested for in Canton, Ohio:

Although we ended last week with the Paris Peace Conference, let’s read the Voices of Freedom for Chapter Nineteen. Like previous chapters, it consists of a speech (oral statement) and an editorial article (written statement), the former delivered in a courtroom by Eugene Debs, the latter composed by the editor of The Crisis, W.E.B. DuBois. 

First, watch Mark Ruffalo (yes… the Hulk) deliver the 1918 speech Debs was arrested for in Canton, Ohio:

In the presidential election of 2012, no third-party candidate (someone running for president who is not a Democrat or a Republican) received 1 percent of the vote. But a century earlier, Debs won 6 percent of the vote in the election of 1912. He received nearly as many votes in 1920 while serving his prison sentence for the speech in Canton. Before that sentence was handed down, Debs addressed the jury with a statement Foner chose to include in Chapter Nineteen’s Voices of Freedom. Let’s read that speech now, then read the other document, a 1919 editorial by DuBois.

DuBois is arguably one of the most influential scholars of the twentieth century. Unlike Debs, DuBois supported American entry into World War One. Like Frederick Douglass during the Civil War, Dubois believed military service by black men would function as a stepping stone towards equal citizenship.

Having read the material above, as well as Chapter Nineteen, answer the following questions in a three-paragraph response:

1) Which is more critical of the United States – Debs’ speech in Canton or DuBois’ editorial in The Crisis?

2) Is Debs’ speech to the jury similar to his speech in Canton? Different? In what way(s)?

3)Based on pages 726-750 in Chapter Nineteen, who benefited more, if at all, from World War One – members of organized labor like Debs, or African Americans like DuBois?

Please cite at least three examples (similarities and/or differences) from Voices of Freedom in Chapter Nineteen to support your answer to question one, two examples from Debs’ speeches in Canton and/or to the jury support your answer to the question two, and two examples from the rest of Chapter Nineteen, particularly pages 726-750, to support your answer to question three.

When citing the textbook, make sure to use parenthetical citation.

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