Posted: November 16th, 2015

First aid training

Topic: First aid training

Course HRM




Part A, should contain the following:

  1. a) description of needs analysis,
  2. b) training objectives (be sure that some are behavioral),
  3. c) training design blueprint which is a detailed delivery outline with clear reasoning for particular methods used (see sample from class and text),
  4. d) marketing plan and budget,
  5. e) Reference list with complete information for journal citations, websites, and/or experts interviewed,
  6. f) copies of handouts or overheads.




Part B, should include your personal assessment of your training including addressing the following questions:

  1. a) what was most effective about your training workshop and why?
  2. b) What was least effective and why?
  3. c) Your analysis of your participants evaluation of your training,
  4. d) Yourthoughtful recommendations for improvement if you were to conduct this or another workshop a second time.






Font times new roman , size font 12.

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