Posted: August 23rd, 2016

Find a relevant court case to support your reasoning?

Answer the following questions and support your answers with evidence. Be sure to cite the sources or cases you reference in APA format.
Consider the following cases:
Two police officers were patrolling in a high crime neighborhood. They noticed a parked car with two people inside (a driver and a passenger). The officers saw a young man leaning into the passenger s window and handing the passenger an object, which they could not identify. At this point they approached the car and the man began to walk away.
One of the officers noticed the passenger making a shoving down motion, leading the officer to believe that the passenger might be armed. The officer drew his gun and shouted let me see your hands. After making more shoving down motions, the passenger complied. The officer reached into the car and touched a bulge in the passenger s pocket. He felt large, hard objects which he believed to be rocks of crack cocaine. He then removed a plastic bag from the pocket. It contained several rocks of crack cocaine that, together with another rock found in the passenger s clothing, totaled almost 100 grams. The passenger was arrested, but the driver and the woman standing outside it were not.
Should the passenger s motion to suppress the seized evidence be granted?
Find a relevant court case to support your reasoning.

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