Posted: May 11th, 2015

finance excel

finance excel

Project description
Part (a) (40 points)
Design a retirement plan for yourself. Come up with some assumptions regarding the age you
will retire and the withdrawal from savings at the beginning of each month that you will give
yourself during retirement.
Assume you will earn 7% before retirement and 4% during retirement. Use the ;life expectancy
tables used by the Social Security Administration, to determine how long you will likely live in
Determine your retirement savings goal (enough that you can make the monthly withdrawals
required in your assumption).
Then determine how much you would have to save each month prior to retirement in order to
reach the goal.
Part (b) (30 points)
If you assume an inflation rate of 3%, what is the new, inflation-adjusted, retirement savings
How much do you have to save each month prior to retirement in order to reach the inflationadjusted
Pact (c) (30 points)
If you already have $50,000 in the account, how does this change the monthly savings
requirement prior to retirement, in the inflation-adjusted retirement plan?

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