Posted: May 2nd, 2015

Final Paper

Final Paper

Consider a significant problem or challenge in your current personal life or work (for me personally: growing older, finding meaningful relationships, maximizing potential, & understanding the world morally) as it relates to the themes and issues that we have explored in the course (nature vs. nurture, continuity vs. discontinuity, childhood as a developmental stage, &  human nature as evil vs human nature as being good). Now that you have learned about foundations of the study of human development, think about that problem from a philosophical context, making use of some of the ideas that you have learned. Take a particular point of view and support it using the thinkers and perspectives cited in this course.
To do this effectively, you will need to clearly identify and frame the issue, explain its relevance to the course, review the key arguments of the debate(s) that you are invoking, support your point of view with both evidence and effective arguments, and finally, “play devil’s advocate” by identifying the possible counter arguments for the perspective you have taken.  Needs to be done by 8pm Sunday May 03, 2015 Eastern Time with cover page.

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