Posted: November 18th, 2015

Film and Social Justice

I scan the syllabus and will upload it. Try to use some of the phrases in the last page (course outline).One of the requirement for the project is to use phrases we use it in our reading or class.Basically, in that class every week we watch movie and discuss it. The project is to pick two movie, one in the class and one outside the class and connect them with a thesis about film and social jusice. Regular academic paper (12 pg.). Talk two movie, theme connect them together (social justice)
Here are some of the list watched movie (IN CLASS)
1)play salt of the earth
2) Incident at Oglala (Native American). with some of paradise lost and the after math
3)The Brandon Teena
instructor says gender identification good for final paper (HBO Documententry middle sexes), why the marchant can’t be land
4) ”Sicko” My favorite movie
5)Inside Job
6) ‘Miss representation”

My favorite two movie is sicko and inside job. Pick one of them, watch that movie and find similar movie to the movie you pick it and write an academic paper on them based on the instruction that I have it

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