Posted: April 8th, 2015

Family Violence

Family Violence

1. Define and describe the category of crime, its characteristics, typical offenders, and the theoretical perspectives attributed to it.
2. Identify and describe your chosen individual or group that perpetrated this type of crime.
3. Explain the perpetrator/s background. For example:
? If an individual, explain where they were born, their family structure, the socioeconomic conditions, education, their life events that led up to the criminal act, etc.
? If a group of individuals or political faction, explain how and why the group was formed, when they were active, where they were located, how they were organized, etc.
4. If you have identified a specific exemplary incident describe the crime. Explain what happened, when it happened, where it happened, the conditions that led up to the crime (s), what if any gain the perpetrator realized as a result of the crime etc.
5. Explain the factors or predictors that may have influenced this criminal behavior such as, but not limited to:
? Risk factors (as outlined in your textbook)
? Psychological disorders
? Mental illness
? Substance abuse
? Motivations
? Political ideologies
6. Explain whether the offender (s) were able to follow through with the crime (s).
? If they were able to, how did they achieve it? Over what time period?
? If not, why not?
7. Identify and describe the legal, corrective, and/or rehabilitative action that is appropriately directed to perpetrators of this criminal activity. Is there evidence (or do you believe) the punishment and or treatment programs can be effective in reducing recidivism?
8. Describe and evaluate any associated outcomes/impact emanating from this criminal activity or specific incident, such as increased social awareness, change in policy or laws, negative backlash or unintended effects, etc.
9. Concluding statement

Project Format:
? Minimum 7, maximum 10 pages, 1 inch margins, double spaced, 12 font
o Cover page (Student?s name, Project title, Class title and number, Date of submission) and Reference page/s are not included in the page count
? Minimum of 3 outside sources in addition to class textbook and other instructional material
o References are to be cited in both the narrative/content and the Reference page using the APA citation format.

Bartol, Curt R.; and Bartol, Anne M. (2014) Criminal Behavior: A Psychological Approach, Tenth Edition (Coursesmart Ebook) ISBN
Pearson 9780132973328

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