Posted: March 21st, 2016

factors affecting the prioritisation of analyses from a range of investigations

Be able to formulate specific and appropriate management plans, including the setting of timescales. Understand the requirement to adapt practice to meet the needs of different groups distinguished by, for example, physical, psychological, environmental, cultural or socio-economic factors. Be able to identify the cause of procedural anomalies and implement remedies.

• Understand the principles of planning, time management and target setting.
• Understand the need to prioritise workload in line with clinical demands.
• Understand the multidisciplinary role of pathology in monitoring and diagnosing a range of conditions.
• Understand the factors that influence access to and use of services available.

COMPETENCE You must be able to:
a) Work within the departmental agreement of appropriate turn-around times.
b) Identify and verify factors affecting the prioritisation of analyses from a range of investigations.
c) Be able to analyse an incident and take corrective action.

Suggested training tasks and examples of evidence:
Write a report of an adverse event or incident that has occurred in your laboratory. Include an analysis of the possible causes and provide a conclusion that considers how this may be prevented from happening again.

In this part also answer Bold Questions / KNOWLEDGE.

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