Posted: March 27th, 2017

Facility S habitually runs out of the accessory parts that are shipped from the T and P facilities.

You developed some tentative ideas about what you expected to find when you arrived in Oregon. Here is some more information you have obtained from management: Facilities P and T both claim that parts from the S facility sometimes do not arrive on time, causing costly production shutdowns that periodically lead to missed contractual ship dates. The S facility has records that those same parts were loaded onto trailers and that the semitrailers left on time. Facility S habitually runs out of the accessory parts that are shipped from the T and P facilities. There have been recent instances where over 7 shifts of production from a single molding machine have been defective because of a malfunctioning mold. Similar quality problems have occurred when the wrong plastic resins have been used for some molded parts. Work in process (WIPs) within the stamping department is sometimes misplaced or lost, disrupting downstream manufacturing processes and leading to missed shipments to the T and P facilities. Upon arriving on site and interviewing the production and inventory planning staffs at all three facilities, you hear the following: Facility S claims that there have been instances in which it has been over 1 day ahead of its shipping schedule for specific parts and that the T and P facilities were still claiming they were out of that part. Then, the missing parts were located in a still loaded semitrailer in the yard adjacent to the P and T facilities. The production and inventory planning staff at the T and P facilities claim to be shipping the accessory parts to the S facility on a JIT (just in time) basis and that their shipments should be adequate to support the S facility s requirements on a level production plan. The small quality control group at the S facility point out that it does not have the equipment or training to perform quality checks to the same level that facilities P and T are able to perform. Because of recent economic conditions, only a single supervisor is available in the stamping department and in the molding department during midnight shifts and on weekends. Assignment Guidelines: Individual Portion In 850 1,200 words, each member of the group must summarize his or her findings and develop recommendations for the following topics: o Communications o Materials and inventory o Order entry o Supervision at the plants o General production flow Compile your individual findings and recommendations into a Word document, and submit the file. Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

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