Posted: December 8th, 2015

Explain the concept of “Tarzan Economics.”


  1. Briefly explain why most sound recordings in the United States have two separate copyrights.
  1. Briefly explain the concept of “pooling.”
  1. What is a “subfloor?”
  1. Briefly explain “separated” or “subsidiary” rights in motion pictures.
  1. Briefly explain what a “CPM” is and how it works.
  1. When recording artists sign “360” deals, would they prefer their record company to have a passive interest or an active interest in their revenue streams? Briefly explain.
  1. Briefly explain the main reason a Producer will try and obtain an “option agreement” from a writer and what provisions should be in the option agreement.
  1. Briefly explain the difference between album cycles and years as a measure for an entertainment industry agreement. Which types of agreements are most likely to have either of these as the determining factor for the length of the Agreement?
  1. Briefly explain the difference between “marketability” and “playability.”
  1. Briefly explain the concept of “Tarzan Economics.”
  1. Briefly explain why a motion picture studio might only issue a new movie in “limited release?”
  1. What is the approximate audience size for a niche cable network like NatGeo? What is their rating or share for most of their shows?
  1. What are the “Sweeps” and why are they important?
  1. What is the significance of getting an “at the source deal?”
  1. In the United States we have a doctrine of “automatic copyright.” Briefly explain what that means.

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