Posted: January 4th, 2017

Explain perspectives that stakeholders in health and social care have regarding quality

Explain perspectives that stakeholders in health and social care have regarding quality a. Identify at least 03 Stakeholders from the given report. E.g. CQC, Senior Nursing staff, Service users b. Discuss Stakeholder’s perspectives on quality care issues and outcomes. c. Give examples from the Case study. 1.2 Analyse the role of external agencies in setting standards a. Identify external agencies from the given report. b. List 02-03 external agencies and discuss their role in setting standards. c. Discuss the role of each agency over other and explain why the role of each agency is important in setting standards and achieving quality outcome. 1.3 Assess the impact of poor service quality on health and social care stakeholders a. Explore minimum 03 impacts of poor quality on different stakeholders. b. Identify underlying quality issues causing such poor impact at RUH. c. Discuss why impact monitoring is required at RUH. Lo2: 2.1 Explain the standards that exist in health and social care for measuring quality a- Identify at least 03 standards from e.g. CQC standards, NICE standards, Code of Practice standards, NMC standards. b- Discuss why standards are set in health care. c- Explore how standard setting can improve quality outcomes. 2.2 Evaluate different approaches to implementing quality systems. a. Identify at least 02 quality systems for e.g. TQM, Benchmarking, Quality control, CQI. b. MUST identify and explain at least 03 approaches used to implement the above quality systems e.g. planning, policies and procedures; target setting; audit; monitoring; review; resources (financial, equipment, personnel, accommodation); 1 information; adapting to change. c. Discuss the benefits of applying the above approaches and the consequences of not applying the approach. d. WHAT is the best approach for RUH and WHY?

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