Posted: January 4th, 2017

explain why the increase in the overhead rate should not have a negative financial impact on marrabel manufacturing

The calculation of the overhed rate before and after automation is as follows                                                                              Before                               after   Budgeted manufacturing overhead      $1900000                $2100000 Budgeted direct labour cost                     $1000000                   $700000 Budgeted overhead rate (as % of direct labour cost)                       190%                           300%   three hundred percent lamented the managing director. how  can we complete with such a high overhead rate?   Require: 1.define manufacturing overhead and cite three example of typical costs that would be included in manufacturing overhead. 2.explain why the increase in the overhead rate should not have a negative financial impact on marrabel manufacturing. 3.discuss how an activity based costing system might benefit marrabel manufacturing.     Q n2  process costing with spoilage journal entries ; manufacture   Regency park plastics ltd accumulates costs for its single products using weighted average process   costing . direct material is added at the beginning of the production process, and conversion occurs uniformly throughout the process.all spoilage is detected at the quality point which  occurs after production is 25 percent complte a partially completed production report for the month of September follows  q no 3. sales and labour budgets university   perth business university is preparing its budget for the upcoming academics year. This is a specialized private university that charges fees for all degree courses. Currently 15000 students are enrolled on campus. However   the university is forecasting a 5 percent growth in student numbers in the coming year , despite an increase in fees to 3000 per subject . the following additional information has been gathered from an examination of university records and conversation with university managers 1 perth business university is planning to award scholarship to 180 students which will cover their fees 2. the average cost has 80 students and the typical students takes 4 subjects per semester. Perth business   university operates 2 semester per year 3. the average academics staff salary is $80000 per annum including on –costs 4. perth business university staff are evaluated on the basic of teaching research ,administration and professional community service. Each of the academics staff teachers the equivalent of three subjects during the academics year   Required 1.      Prepare a revenue budget for the upcoming academics year. 2.      Determine the number of staff needed to cover classes 3.      Assume there is a shortage of full time academics staff . list at least five action that PBU might take to accommodate the growing students number 4.      You have been requested by the university deputy vice chancellor to construct  budgets for other areas of operation( such as library ,grounds cafeteria ,and  maintenance).the DVC noted the most important resources of the university is its academic staff. Now that you know the number of staff needed you can prepare the other budgets. Academic staff   are needed the key driver- without them we don’t operate  .does VDC really understand the linkages within the budgeting process? explain

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