Posted: December 1st, 2015

We should expand the tuition Reimbursement of Publix Super markets for students?

Proposal essay about why Publix super markets should expand their tuition Reimbursements for their employees.
– Introduction, Grab attention with bold claims and facts. (maybe Story telling). Define the problem and make the audience care. Give detail about the problem. Briefly describe your solution and list its benefits (three to four). (thesis)
-Second body paragraph should answer feasibility questions about the proposal. After the conclusion paragraph one and two should deal with issues of feasibility related to your proposed solution
– Next paragraphs go in detail naming the benefits and how your solution will lead to these benefits. (three to four benefits). In each paragraph go in detail about each benefit and how it will benefit my solution for Publix Super markets.
-After the body paragraphs, the next paragraph will be an argument/Objection about your solution. This can be concession or refutation style in this paragraph about the argument.
– Conclusion, Summarize the argument(The benefits and your proposal) , answer the so what question and close with an emotional appeal. (call to action).
Extra detail: All in all a proposal paper to Publix super markets saying it should expand its tuition Reimbursement for its workers to all fields of majors.
Thank you!

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