Posted: November 27th, 2015

Excel Program

Excel Program

Part 1 Breakeven Analysis Name this sheet Robots

You are a senior vice president of a company that manufactures kitchen appliances.
You are considering using robots to replace up to ten of your skilled workers on the factory floor.
Using a spreadsheet, analyze the costs of acquiring several robots (10) to paint and assemble some of your products versus the cost savings in labor.
How many years would it take to pay for the robots from the savings in fewer employees?
Assume that the skilled workers make $20 per hour, including benefits.
Assume the cost of a robot is $40,000.



Number of employees being replaced by robots     10

Employee hourly rate                                          20

Number of robots                                                10

Cost per robot                                           $400,000


Months/Year                           12

Weeks/Year                            52

Days/Year                             365

Weeks/Month                           4

Days/Month                            30

Hours/Day                               24

Minutes/Hour                           60

Seconds/Minute                       60

Work hours/Day                         8

Work days/Week                       5


Total robot Cost   =    Number of robots * robot cost

Weekly payroll for employees being laid off  = Number employees being replaced by robots * work days/week*work hours/day*Employee hourly rate

Total annual payroll for employees being laid off = Weekly payroll for employees being laid off *weeks/year

Breakeven in weeks: Total robot cost/weekly payroll for employees being laid off

Part 2 Breakeven Analysis Name this sheet Fruit Picking Machine

Page 382 PSE 1

You are investigating the use of an automated fruit-picking machine to reduce the labor costs on your 600 acre Valencia orange grove that yields about 240,000 pounds of fruit (roughly 80,000 oranges) per season.  You currently employ a crew of 10  migrant workers to hand-pick the fruit over a three-day period and pay them $8/hour.  The fruit-picking machine costs $25,000 and requires two people to operate it.  It is capable of picking oranges right off the tree at the rate of one orange per 10 seconds.  The machine is quite sophisticated and employs a vacuum-gripper combined with a vision system to pluck ripe fruit from a tree.  Does it make economic sense to purchase the automated fruit-picking machine?

Extra credit: Up to 4 points  not part of the above assignment (Due when above assignment is due)

Calculate Years, Months, Weeks, Days, Hours, Minutes, and Seconds in you Breakeven Analysis in Part 1.  What is left over from years goes to months, months to weeks, weeks to days, days to hours, hours to minutes, and minutes to seconds.

Note:  If I change any of the Inputs, the above will automatically recalculate years, months, weeks, etc.  This extra credit activity is an individual activity


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