Posted: April 1st, 2015

Evidence Based Strategy Plan

Evidence Based Strategy Plan

Evidence-based strategy plan: Part 1 Submit: Token Economy
1.Select an instructional area you are working on in your classroom for this assignment. It can be in a specific content area, such as mathematics or social studies, or a skill area such as written expression, reading comprehension, or behavior, etc.
2.Identify an evidence-based strategy that you will use to address the instructional or behavioral area. An evidence-based strategy is an approach that has research to support its effectiveness. Use information from your coursework, course textbooks, research web sites provided below, or journal articles you find that support the strategy or intervention you plant to implement. .
a.Describe the instructional or behavioral area of need you have identified.
b.Write a description of the strategy (or modification of the strategy) that you plan to implement in your classroom. Provide references to the research supporting the strategy. You must identify at least 3 references that support the strategy you have selected.
c.Explain how you will implement the strategy. For example, when, how often, with which students, etc.
d.Finally, describe what evidence you will collect in order to document the effects (pre/post tests, weekly assignments, observations, data sheets, etc.)
3.Use APA format to write up the description of your plan

On Task Behavior with Token economy strategy

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