Posted: March 14th, 2016

Evaluating the Quality of a Test

Evaluating the Quality of a Test

Assignment Instructions

You have been asked to administer a standardized psychological test to an individual referred by a managed care company; referrals often state a specific test. In this case, you are unfamiliar with the test. You used an older version of it many years ago, but don’t know its current psychometric properties (i.e. if it is valid and reliable) or the specific administration guidelines. This can create ethical and practical problems that can affect you and your new referral.

You have two goals to successfully complete this assignment:
1.Become familiar with the purpose and administration of the test.
2.Determine if the test is appropriate for your purpose.
3.Receive the education and training to independently adminster the test.

How to Start
•Choose any standardized test, in any category of interest to you.
•Choose a person of any age, gender, and other demographic to test.
•Remember that there are four pieces of information that must all align: ◾The reason for the referral (why testing is needed).
◾The characteristics of the person being tested.
◾The publisher’s stated purpose for the test.
◾The test is demonstrably valid and reliable for the person you will test.

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