Posted: December 14th, 2015

Evaluating the Impact of Research

Evaluating the Impact of Research

In preparation for this discussion, review the Research Plan/Scientific Merit Review Form located in the Resources area. In this discussion, and in separate activities throughout this course, you will begin presenting your research plan for a potential dissertation topic. This course will allow you to complete sections 2.1–2.5 and 3.1–3.5 of the research plan. The course also aligns with the Track 1 and Track 2 colloquia, where you will work on establishing a potential dissertation topic and scientific merit within the research process.

Based on your readings this week, find a primary research article from a peer-reviewed journal that is in your area of interest (see the examples of peer-reviewed journals in the Studies for assistance).This article will be the starting point for establishing a literature base for your potential dissertation topic. Throughout this course, you will be finding appropriate journal articles to support your study. Specifically describe how this research advanced scientific knowledge in the specialization area by answering all of these three questions:

  1. Does the study address something that is not known or has not been studied before— How is this study new or different from other studies?
  2. If your research questions are studied, how could your findings impact your field of interest—”So What?”
  3. What possible practical implications do you predict the results of your research will have? For instance, what will be the impact of these results on your sample, your site location, or your workplace—”Who Cares?”

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