Posted: March 17th, 2017

.Evaluate if the increasing of governmental powers is worth the potential erosion of civil liberties

Since the attacks on September 11, 2001, the future complexity of terrorism has become quite ambiguous. Subsequently, counter-terrorism strategies have evolved to address terrorist attacks of any form against the United States. For your Final Paper, you must address the following points: a.Decide whether international or domestic terrorism currently constitutes the greatest threat to the United States. ◦Use historic, cultural, and diversity aspects to support your conclusion.

b.Summarize some of the strategies the United States can utilize to prevent future terrorist attacks. c.Assess whether socio-economic strategies can be utilized to eliminate the motivation of terrorist groups or if military action is the only viable response to terrorists. ◦Use historic, cultural, and diversity aspects of the terrorist populations to support your conclusion.

d.Evaluate if future legislation or constitutional amendments could be utilized to hinder possible terrorist attacks. e.Analyze if additional powers are needed by the federal government to protect the country from terrorist attacks. f.Evaluate if the increasing of governmental powers is worth the potential erosion of civil liberties. g.Infer what the future of terrorism is and whether the frequency of attacks will increase or decrease over time.

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