Posted: June 16th, 2015

ETHICS 228 Peer Review Paper 1

ETHICS 228 Peer Review Paper 1

Write a 600 word paper on one of the subjects covered in the first two weeks.
Cultural Relativism
Ethical Subjectivism
Divine Command/Natural Law Theory
Ethical Egoism
Answer the following prompt: Which of the ethical systems covered in class most resembles your own ethical code? What are the positive aspects of your chosen theory? Where does it fail the Minimum Conception of Morality (Reason and Impartiality)?
1. 600 word minimum (1,000 word maximum) typewritten in 12­point Times Roman font.
2. Double spaced, with standard one inch margins.
3. Include page numbers
4. Put your name on your paper, and start your electronic document title with your name.
5. Include a works cited page if you quote books and articles.
6. Papers must be free of grammar and spelling errors. Include a thesis statement and separate your ideas with paragraphs.
7. When submitting your document, DO NOT put special characters in your document name(#,@). That keeps us from adding your document to the peer review evaluation list.
8. Please save in Word or PDF format. Papers not in one of these file formats will be returned,uncredited.

Please use MLA style. Also, this professor takes plagiarism very seriously.

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