Posted: July 17th, 2016

What is the essential organisation structure

My manager and director recently told me that my co-worker is leaving the team and with that they will move a Financial Analyst on my team to report to me (I won’t be a manager but he will report to me).

I am a Sr. Financial Analyst that works with General & Administrative (G&A) Leaders to help them forecast and budget their P&Ls. I am feeling a little overwhelmed because now I have to learn what my co-worker does, still do my duties and be responsible for and train this employee. They want me to meet with the G&A Leaders and overview the whole G&A process while the analyst does the daily duties.

I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions on what is the best way to train the employee and keep track of everything we went through while I am training and learning new duties as well. I was thinking if I can put together a file that shows a general overview of G&A that includes the different departments and a brief description of each department and then go through our excel forecast files.

I want to do well because I would like to be a manager one day and I think this is a step in the right direction.

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