Posted: November 29th, 2015

essay PHC-216 Ethics and Regulations in Health

The purpose if this essay is to show an understanding of the Generalist Intervention model (GIM) .The GIM model gives structure in order for the client’s goals to be met and to create a successful client-worker relationship . This essay will focus on applying a client’s case in to the GIM model from the beginning to the end. This essay will show the social worker’s understanding by following the GIM model from the engagement step to the termination/follow up step. Lastly, this paper will include all the steps of the Generalist Intervention model which includes: Engagement, Assessment, Planning, Implementation, Evaluation, Termination and Follow up.

The Generalist Intervention Model Applied to Saundra Santiago’s Case

“ GIM is a practice model which provides step by step direction concerning how to undertake the planned change process, which is generally directed to addressing problems” (Kirst-Ashman & Hull,2012)


“Engagement is the initial period where you as a practioner orient yourself to the problem at hand and begin to establish communication and a relationship with others also addressing the problem (Kirst-Ashman & Hull, 2012)

Engagement is the first step of the Generalist Intervention Model. Engagement focuses on having the skills and abilities that is needed when working with a client.The Social worker prepares themselve to solve the problem and begins to form communication along with a relationship with the client in order to aim at the problem. The social worker must have a worker-client relationship with the inidividual in order to interact with them and to complete the work. It is important to be empathetic and genuine towards the client’s problem to show that you undertstand what they are going through in their lives. For instance, sandra is a young 20 years old women, who has been in an abusive relationship with her 21 year old boyfriend. When meeting with sandra, the social worker must show empathy towards her situation. The social worker must greet sandra and introduce themselves in a warm and make sure the setting is comfortable for the client. It is also important to let the client know your purpose for meeting with them. The social worker must use non verbal and verbal communication in order to engage

the title is patient right
It is important to not less than the number of pages about 7 or 8 and reference in end of paper
The output around (outline
The article is PHC-216 Ethics and Regulations in Health

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