Posted: June 13th, 2015

Essay about the show The Menaechmus Brothers

Essay about the show The Menaechmus Brothers

Writing about Theatre
The reflection paper on a theatre production will need to include many of the elements listed below. Base your comments on your observations. In other words, describe the theatre production. Avoid expounding on opinions that merely substantiate your likes and dislikes. The course is not about liking or not liking theatre, it is about experiencing it from an informed perspective. Interpret the elements of the production according to analysis methods presented in the text and in class.
1.    Observations on Production Values (describe what you saw and heard)
a.    Set
b.    Lights
c.    Costumes
d.    Make-up
e.    Audio
2.    Style – identify and provide your reasons for your choice and your reasons why
a.    Comedy
b.    Tragedy
c.    Absurd
d.    Realism
e.    Melodrama
f.    Epic
3.    Acting
a.    Believably
b.    Pivotal moments
c.    Dramatic reversals
d.    Dramatic tension
e.    Character conflict
f.    Resolution
4.    Over-all observations
a.    Social/political considerations
b.    Academic value
c.    Quality considerations
d.    Effectiveness of interpretation
e.    Impact on audience

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