Posted: November 9th, 2015

Essay about a documentary movie

Essay about a documentary movie

Watch the Documentary movie:  (Precious knowledge) and write 4 pages about it following the instructions.

Some useful notes from the movie:

– taking away ethnic studies away from school
– the girl is the one who take care of her family and her mother is struggling to keep her in school and to catch up with school and with her family work because she’s taking care of her little siblings
– the other girl father is not in the country because he is not “legal and her father want her to go to school to get her education where she finds it difficult and the reason why because there family is not around
– for example the boy who did drugs because his dad is not around and because he fells that school doesn’t want him.
– there is this teacher who described them and identified them as lazy,
– dysfunctional with school and not with learning.
– according to TSUD students who takes ethnic class they do very well in there tests
– language segregation
– white man he said that is wrong to divide people
– he has privileges
– doesn’t want the children to learn about there own cultures

answer or talk about the answers of these questions in the essay paper.

what is the subordinated and Dominant group in the documentary?

how people in our society are being framed?

who is making these policies?

what are some verbal social Institutional physical cycle exclusion that was used in or shown in the documentary.

As an educated student how can I change this? or what should I come up with a plan to change this, mention things action and things that I should take in consideration


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