Posted: August 14th, 2015

Essay 1B

Essay 1B
Word limit: 2000 (+/- 10%)
Assessment overview
This assessment task requires you to write an academic essay about how education is changing in the 21st century.
Assessment details
Respond to the following question:
What are the key factors driving change in education and what is their impact on teaching and learning in the 21st century?
Throughout the essay you will:
• demonstrate an understanding of 21st century teaching and learning
• identify and discuss key factors that are driving change in education, including globalisation and social change
• explain how curriculum and pedagogy is changing
• support your discussions with relevant readings from the learning materials and your own wider research
• adhere to APA referencing style, including in-text citations and a References list (not included in the word count).
Learning material:

Assessment criteria
1. Knowledge and understanding ? (35%) In-depth and  comprehensive understanding of 21st century teaching and learning is demonstrated.
Key factors that are driving change (including globalisation and social) are rigorously explained, and the relationship between ideas is evident.
Thorough explanation of changes in curriculum and pedagogy is provided. Demonstrates insight and awareness.
2. Depth and breadth ? (35%)  All aspects of the essay question are addressed and justified with relevant readings, wider research and/or examples/cases.
There is a clear link between the research evidence chosen and how it supports the question.
3. Academic expression ? (30%) The work is free from any spelling errors or problems with grammar.
All external sources are referenced correctly in APA style.

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