Posted: January 25th, 2017

Equal Work, Equal Pay?

Equal Work, Equal Pay? Jessica Johnson worked for Wilkinson Manufacturing for thirty years. She started her career on the assembly line and gradually worked her way up to management. She was the first and is the only woman to serve in a managerial capacity for Wilkinson Manufacturing. One day she was called into her supervisor s office to address the hiring of additional employees to increase productivity on the assembly line. She was early and sat waiting for the supervisor to arrive. As she glanced around the office she noticed an excel spreadsheet on the supervisor s desk. It was a spreadsheet that had a list of the managers salaries at Wilkinson. As she reviewed the list, she noticed that she made thirty percent less than her male counterparts. Jessica comes to you and wants to discuss what possible actions she can take against Wilkinson Manufacturing for the discrimination in the managerial salaries. What act prevails? Which body governs discrimination complaints? What type of discrimination is Wilkinson employing? What defenses are available to Wilkinson? Who would prevail and why? Your answer must be between two and four pages in length

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