Posted: August 5th, 2015

Enterprise and Innovation An International Perspective

You are a consultant acting on behalf of one the following organisations:


Scenario 1 Solarize


Solarize is a company based in the UK, established by Luke Patrice and Joseph Barnes as a spin off organisation from Leeds University. Exporting accounted for 10% of their £1.5 million turnover in 2012. Their key markets to date are Germany and Italy, however these markets were established through personal contacts and the founders were uncertain about the sustainability of these markets. They were amongst the earliest pioneers in solar panel development and felt they could expand some of their skills into broader energy saving products. Joseph Barnes sold 70% of his shares of the company to Luke Patrice at the end of 2012. This meant that Luke Patrice was now the majority shareholder and Joseph Barnes became a ‘silent partner’. Joseph had always been the ideas man of the company and Luke felt that the company needed some new blood. Luke had recently employed a business development manager, Simon Porter, in an attempt to revitalise the company. They employ 30 employees mainly in manufacture and warehousing; the sales team comprises of Luke and the new Business Development Manager.

Simon was eager to explore international market development as a way of bringing back the innovation into the company. You have been chosen as the consultant tasked with identifying the international opportunities which Solarize will need to consider. Your report for Solarize will need to address each of the areas outlined below under Particular instructions to students.


Scenario 2 Smash a Ball


Smash-a-Ball was established by Mexican entrepreneurs, Nadia Guevara and Pedro Borir, who developed a concept for an electronic educational board game aimed at assisting learning and motor neuron skills development in visually impaired children. In 2011, their idea won first place in the Santander awards for enterprise and science innovation in Mexico. They were selected for the summer entrepreneurship programme at Babson College in 2012 and the UKTI Sirius programme in 2014. The team moved to the UK in 2014 and where they incorporated their firm’s UK headquarters. The team is currently working on the final stages of their electronic educational board game prototype.


The electronic board game consists of a board of balls and a back pack which is worn by the player. The back pack pushes specific areas in the back, directing the player towards the different balls on the board. The founder’s vision is to become the best electronic toy company for the visually impaired in the UK and the world. You have been chosen as the consultant tasked with identifying the international opportunities which Smash a Ball will need to consider. Your report for Smash a Ball will need to address each of the areas outlined below under Particular instructions to students.


Particular instructions to students:


What should your report include?


Having chosen your scenario, your report should include the following:


  • Clear justifications for where you think the opportunities are for the company
  • Potential risks
  • Sufficient market intelligence to support any recommendations made
  • Practical suggestions on relationships and networks which the organisation should consider
  • Financing options for the firm’s international expansion activities.
  • Appropriate routes to market
  • Market support available within different countries and
  • Consideration of the intellectual property implications based on your suggestions for international market development.
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