Posted: November 26th, 2015

English work

English work


Print the test and complete it, inserting where directed to do so. Save the file as lastnamefirstinitialTest3.docx. Be sure to note the exact drive and folder in which you save the test so that you can retrieve it during the upload process for submission to Dropbox from the course homepage.

Prepare the test as one file and insert page breaks between Sections B and C, as well as a page break between the two documents you prepare for Section C.

Remember that you may use the Gregg Reference Manual, dictionary, and any other reference tools during the test; however, you will not have time to use them extensively. Complete the test, proofread carefully, using reference tools during proofreading to ensure accuracy, save again, then submit through Dropbox.

Section A

Directions: Insert punctuation where needed. If no punctuation is required, simply do not insert punctuation; and leave the sentence as it is.

1.    The number of people working from home as we know is increasing each year.
2.    The Entrepreneurship Conference which is held annually will focus on minority businesses.
3.    Our marketing manager who has been nominated for the company award will be transferred to the firm’s headquarters.
4.    Every meeting should have a goal therefore you need to identify the agenda beforehand.
5.    The Palace Hotel which has stunning views of the city skyline is close to major transportation.
6.    The catalog that was mailed to you last week contains bonus savings coupons.
7.    The car manufacturer’s rebate has been extended until the end of the month as a result sales have increased.
8.    One-day sales that are offered by many department stores are popular with shoppers.
9.    The firm’s president plans to visit the manufacturing facilities in Charleston South Carolina Cleveland Ohio and Portland Oregon.
10.    The new marketplace which has many antique shops has become a popular tourist attraction and there are plans to build additional stores.
11.    Off-season rates at many hotels will be extended through the spring therefore we plan to travel across the country at that time.
12.    The new children’s museum provides creative educational experiences for young children and it offers special exhibits for adults.
13.    The newspaper advertisement that appeared in yesterday’s edition quoted the wrong sal price.
14.    Many people are purchasing merchandise on the Internet however mail-order catalogs and TV shopping are still popular.
15.    Many hotels offer guests a vari4ty of amenities namely spa facilities computer services and electronic registration.

Section B

Directions: In each of the following sentences, insert an apostrophe or an apostrophe+s where necessary to show possession.

1.    The store new Website has boosted its monthly sales.
2.    My sister-in-law trip to South America has been cancelled.
3.    Our firm catalog can be found online.
4.    The boutique features men sportswear and women accessories.
5.    Chris and Ross proposal to create a website was approved by the marketing department.
6.    The local businesses opposition to the revitalization project will be discussed at the next town meeting.
7.    Roger and Burns orders were delayed by the strike.
8.    The hotel manager report focuses on employees workloads.
9.    Two years research has changed the company marketing practices.
10.    The boss refusal to negotiate a business deal affected employee morale.

Section C

Directions: Compose letters as instructed in the case studies below. Key, proofread, and correct errors. Remember: Each case must be on a separate page.

Case 1: Notification of Meeting

As regional sales manager, you have the responsibility of notifying your staff of the semiannual meeting on March 1 and 2, 20XX (insert current year or next year if March 1 and 2 are past for this year). The meeting will be held at the Airport Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia.

Robert Cowles, President, is the main speaker; and he will address the group. His topic is “Effects of the Internet on EconoMart’s Future Growth.” Two other speakers from the retail and fashion industries have also been invited to speak on the latest trends.

Each salesperson will be required to attend two seminars. The choices include “Selling on the Web,” “Computerization of Sales Data,” “Global Competition and Effect on Retailing,” and “Effective Customer Relations.” Indicate to the staff members their responsibility to notify you by email of their choices. You need this information for good planning. You should include a date by which they must respond.

If anyone has further questions, they can contact you. Promote the meeting in a positive tone.

Case 2: Promotional Sales Letter

Compose a promotional letter for the signature of Harold Princer, Chief Executive Officer, Bailey’s Department Store. Address it to all of their customers. In the letter, praise the customers for being special to your firm. In appreciation, enclose three 20 percent savings certificates to be used from November 1 through 15. The certificates are valid for all men’s and women’s brand name and designer clothing. The certificates can also be used for household items.

Encourage the customers to use their Bailey’s credit cards, and be sure to remind them that payment will not be due until January for any purchases made with the cards.


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