Posted: August 9th, 2015

EN 373 Public Speaking Communication

Week 1 Speech #1
Outline for a speech(4).docx Your first presentation should be more of a fun type of presentation. Your topic is about a hobby. The speech is informative about your hobby. – youtube video to help you with your informative speech this week.

Requirements for Speeches

Three speeches are required for this course: one about a hobby (informative), one (from topics below) informative, one (from topics below) persuasive.

Speech length: 5-8 minutes (evaluator will cease grading at 8 minutes; anything beyond the 8-minute point will not be graded).

Speech criteria

Length of speech: 5-8 minutes. Points deducted for shorter or longer lengths.
Minimum of One visual aid required (you may not use yourself as the only visual aid!)
Three credible sources required: website; personal interview; scholarly journal article; and books. Your personal experience and the textbook will not be counted as part of the three required sources. Further, you may not use more than two websites, but you are welcome to use more than three sources for your total speech. Sources must be cited properly in APA format and submitted both written and orally in your speech.
Submit a speech outline for each speech. Be sure to include your bibliography, identifying all the sources you used in developing your speech. Remember that your sources must also be cited orally during your presentation as well as written in APA format.
Please review the information about academic honesty and plagiarism. Failure to include a bibliography and/or failure to cite sources orally during the presentation is academically dishonest. The instructors reserve the right to apply any and all academic sanctions. Week 1 Homework #1
Follow this link to Toastmasters International to read about 10 Tips for Public Speaking.
(No Need to purchase the list. Just click on it to enlarge and read them)

What is Toastmasters International?
How effective are these tips?
How similar or different are they from the tips in the videos under Discussion Boards?

General Presentation Skills
Discuss these general presentation videos in the Discussion Boards:
First, listen to each video and then discuss them with the class.
Click on the title to follow the link to the Discussion Boards.

1. Effective Presentation Skills: Using Vocal Energy to Excite Your Audience
2. The Five Great Skills of Speaking
3. 32 Tips on Public Speaking

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