Posted: May 7th, 2015

Emirates Airlines;

Emirates Airlines;

This report is about exploring, analysing and evaluating in order to develop and assess your research and analytical skills. You can use relevant corporate websites as well as secondary information sources such as company reports, research insights and academic and business articles.  You should select either the same company used for the group presentation or alternatively a new internationally orientated company.  If selecting the latter the company and scope of the work should be agreed with your seminar leader.

The report should evaluate and critically analyse the issues as detailed below:

1.    Briefly introduce the company and the scope of the report.

2.    Identify and analyse the key factors affecting the company at national and international level. The factors should be drawn from macro-economic variables (political, economic, social, technological, legal, environmental) and Yip’s drivers of globalisation.  What do you conclude?

3.    Construct an analysis of the competitive structure of the industry using 5-forces and identify the structural drivers for change.  What do you conclude?

4.    Undertake a stakeholder mapping exercise and draw conclusions on how to manage key stakeholders.

5.    Evaluate the organisational structure and culture for your chosen organisation and identify the generic strategy employed.

6.    Based on the above analysis identify what changes the organisation needs to make over the next 5 years and generate relevant recommendations to achieve this.

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