Posted: August 24th, 2015

Emancipatory Knowledge Development.

1.What are your thoughts and feelings as you read this document? Find one sentence in the document that you believe to be true for you. Why is this statement important to you? What does it mean to you?

2. Identify an idea in the document that you do not believe to be true but that you wish were true of your experience in nursing.

a.What would need to happen to make this a reality in your experience?

b.What can you do to bring about this reality?

3. What ideas in the document do you disagree with or do you find to not be realistic? Why?

4. Watch an old episode of Ozzie & Harriet or another family sitcom from a similar time period, or review the ads in an older issue of the American Journal of Nursing (i.e., from before 1950). Critique and discuss how the sitcom or the ads reflect hegemonic ideas about the people living during that time period.

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