Posted: August 18th, 2015

Electric Cart

Electric Cart

EAT100 Referred / Deferred Assignment 2014-2015/EAT100 – DESIGN, DRAWING AND PRACTICAL SKILLS

Read the following text carefully
Drawing on your experiences during and your involvement in the Electric Cart group project, answer ALL of the following questions:
1. DFMEA was used as a tool during your groups design process.
a. what is meant by the term DFMEA
b. How a Design Specification document can inform the contents of the DFMEA analysis.
Using three example functions of a design demonstrate how these might be analysed with DFMEA and suggest outcomes of the study. (25 Marks)
2. When working as part of a multi-disciplinary design team the project manager often uses a Gantt chart to plan, monitor and control the project.
List five considerations a project manager must take into account when creating a Gantt chart explaining the reasons for their importance to successful delivery of a project. (25 Marks)
3. For a successfully designed electrically powered cart such as those created during the sessional design project, energy stored in batteries is converted into motion. Unfortunately no energy transfer system is 100% efficient. List five loses identified in such a system and describe how significant these losses are likely to be and how the loses may be reduced. (25 Marks)
4. Assuming you built the electrically powered cart described in question 3, describe a suitable testing strategy which could be used to optimise its speed, efficiency and payload carrying capability. You should describe the measurements you take and how you will use them as well as the equipment needed to take them.
(25 Marks)
EAT100 Referred / Deferred Assignment 2014-2015 Page 2 of 2
Report Requirements
Your submission should take the form of an INDIVIDUAL report, not exceeding 8 pages (plus appendices if required), and address the items in the above marking scheme.
Submission Deadline
You must submit your report not later than 16:00 Friday 21st August 2015.
Your report should be uploaded to the dropbox on Sunspace as a single word document. The word file module code, your name and student number. e.g. “EAT100 AStudent 123456789”.
Please note the following very carefully
Whilst it is expected that you will use a variety of information sources to support your learning and complete your research, all work must be presented in your own words and not taken directly from any other source. All sources you have used in your search must be clearly and appropriately referenced, adjacent to the text concerned, using the Harvard referencing system. Using sources which have not been appropriately referenced or taking any data directly from a source and including it in your work will be regarded as plagiarism and may result in you failing this part of the module or even the whole module. It is acceptable to use photographs and/or diagrams from other sources, where appropriate, but these must be properly referenced. Text or quotations from external sources must be shown in speech marks and be less than 200 words in total for all sections of your report and referenced appropriately.

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