Posted: November 16th, 2015

Elderly Care

�Contact one of these services� directors (or representative) and inquire about the agency�s effectiveness by asking these questions:
�Do you feel your organization has made a difference?
�What are your main barriers and how are the barriers to services being addressed?
�What are the ethical considerations of your services and how are they addressed?
�How is your organization funded?
�What concerns are still unmet in your opinion? Are these areas that will be addressed in the future?
�What role does your organization play in the overall public health arena?
Based on your interview notes from this week’s discussion activity, analyze the epidemiological data surrounding the health issue that your agency addresses. Compare the epidemiological data with the information provided by the agency director or representative by addressing the following points:
•How do the epidemiological data and the information provided by the agency director or representative differ, and how are they similar?
•Based on the epidemiological information collected, what is the true effect that the agency is having on your community?
•Appraise the various methods that should be employed to help them improve their effectiveness.
•Analyze the 10 Essential Services of Public Health and how they are (or are not) wrapped into the service provided by this agency.
Epidemiological data consists of statistical information on your population obtained through primary sources, which are typically research studies or government survey information (such as those provided by the CDC or health department). Utilize the Ashford University Library and/or government websites to locate statistics that relate to your organization. For example, if you interviewed someone from an organization that focused on childhood obesity, you would locate research studies that provided statistical results for your county, region, or state to illustrate what was actually occurring in your area regarding childhood obesity. Once you have this data, compare it with the information provided by the agency director or representative that you interviewed. In some cases, you may only be able to find actual state statistics, but your organization may have provided only local data. This is okay; just make sure you note this in your paper and through critical thinking, infer how this might influence the effectiveness of your organization’s work.

Your paper should be three to four pages in length, excluding the title and reference pages, and formatted according to APA styel guidelines as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. Visit the Ashford University Library to locate a minimum of two scholarly sources that support your main ideas. Also, use surveillance information that was discussed as part of the epidemiology process

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