Posted: June 11th, 2015

Education and theology

Education and theology

1- I need one page and half (1 1/2 ) to explain the following under the title ? the use of Guiding reasons to teach theology?
How did St. Augustine use guiding reasons as a facilitator to guide students to truth in theology classes without any chance for a heresy, on the other if a teacher use an Augustinian Educational Theory (AET) to teach a theology class, will that open any chance to freedom that will lead to heresy?
The answer has to show that St. Augustine gave freedom to his students to think critically and he raised their consciousness, and other hand he used the guided reasoning to lead them to truth. Please give an example of how a theology teacher can proof to atheist person that God is three through the method of guiding reasons.
Example :
Augustine continued, in Books VIII to XV of his De Trinitate, to look for an understanding of what Christians believed and he did this on the basis of the images of the Triad that could be found in the human spirit and its activity. It was, for him, certainly not a question of deducing a Trinity of Persons philosophically from the structure of man’s spirit, as Hegel, Gunther and perhaps also Gioberti have claimed to do.
For Augustine, it was a search in faith, one which becomes deeper by an existential conversion to be conformed once again to the image of God by thinking of him and loving him. (The stages are: credere Deo, credere Deum, credere in Deum, credendo in Deum ire.) Augustine therefore analysed a series of triads, moving from more external ones to more intimate ones and from simple psychological analysis to an expression of supernatural experience. The following summary has been provided by Fulbert Cayre (Bibl. August. 16, p. 587):
You can use these two links.

2-I need one page regarding ? St. Augustine as a mentor?
Please use this book and this book only.
Ed Smither’s Augustine as Mentor

3- I need a half ( 1/2 ) about any further suggested education, in which you need to suggest two further study: One can be a study that will help society as St. Augustine discussed the transforming society, 2) Training teachers on how use the three steps AET( Augustinian Educational Theory) that can help them write a lesson plan and teach a successful lesson.

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