Posted: September 12th, 2015


we learn about the importance of education to Malala Yousefzai, especially in the Pashtun region of Pakistan where she lives, where so many people want to deny education to young girls.

We might take our own education for granted, or we might have had time where we hated school or loved the social part of school more than learning. Some of you may have had your education interrupted along the way for various reasons,
some of you moved around from school to school, some of you may have really struggled in school, while others of you migh thave been like Malala and succeeded well in school. Some of you might have had a parent, coach, teacher, or mentor who had a significant impact on your education, your success as a learner, or your attitude toward education.

So in the spirit of Malala, who continues to fight for the right of all children to have access to a quality education right through college, you are going to start off the semester thinking about your own education and how you got here to UTM, and why you got here to UTM, and what your educational goals are. Here are a few possibilities to get you thinking:

Compare and contrast yourself as a student earlier in your life w/ you who are now as a student at UT
Reflect on a specific educational experience (good or bad, funny, embarrassing, life-changing, a success, a failure you learned from, etc.)
Recall a specific, significant educator in your life
Reflect on a specific college educational experiencein your major, in a course that led you to change your major, with a specific professor, completing a specific assignment or project, etc.
Celebrate overcoming an educational obstacle
Make a point about education in America (or your home state, country, town) that is based in your own experience and observations
Write about an out-of-class experience that has had a direct impact on your educational life/perspective/experience (being a parent or veteran, being in the military now, dealing w/ a health issue, being a non-traditional student, etc.)

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