Posted: May 29th, 2015

ECCO Analysis

ECCO Analysis

Paper details:
Read Chapter 12 in the text. including a well-developed ECCO analysis (Expectations, Constraints, Choices, Outcomes).

1. In Module F, read the online articles on aspects of American life in the post-war period . Then incorporate them into an ECCO essay focusing on “American Expectations of the Good Lifein the 1950s”. Be sure to refer to Levittown, the development of Los Angeles, Rock and Roll, the Highway Act of 1956, and the “Beat Generation”.

2. Define the following 10 items: Ray Kroc, The Sun Belt, Los Angeles, “Father Knows Best” the Fair Deal, the G.I. Bill, Rock and Roll, the “Lonely Crowd”, the “Beat Generation”, Elvis Presley.

3. Develop 4 relevant multiple choice questions.

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