Posted: January 4th, 2016

Does the ‘deliberative turn’ in democratic theory mean that the failures of modern democratic institutions can be resolved?

This is a detailed research essay with a limit of 3000 words. Answer the question taking into account theories of deliberative democracy, it’s shortcomings, difference democracy, and inequalities in democracy. Stay on topic. Incorporate empirical evidence if possible. Need to use 10 sources, can use outside of those listed but please use reputable journals etc. Introduction; interpret question well. Avoid description, make argument tackle question expressley. Please read use and incorporate the following sources but come up with your own opinion for the answer to the question:
*† Dryzek, J. (2000) Deliberative Democracy and Beyond: Liberals, Critics, Contestations
Oxford: OUP

†Parkinson, J. and Mansbridge, J. (Eds.) (2012) Deliberative Systems (Theories of Institutional Design)
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

† Parkinson, J. (2006) Deliberating in the real world
Oxford: OUP

Chambers, S. (2003) Deliberative Democratic Theory
Annual Review of Political Science, Vol. 6, pp. 307-326

† Goodin, R. (2008) Innovating Democracy: Democratic Theory and Practice After the Deliberative Turn (esp. Introduction)

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