Posted: September 17th, 2015

Diversity in Culture

1. The two minority groups that are going to be compared and  contrasted are: African Americans and Mexican-Americans.
With these two groups you must:
-Discuss elements of each culture including but not limited to: influential historical events, past and current cultural, social relations, religious traditions, and linguistic aspects of both cultural groups selected.
-Compare and contrast the two cultural groups by analyzing commonalities and differences between the groups in regards to cultural traditions, social relations, religious tradition, and linguistic differences.
-Reflect on the implications of the cultural aspects by indicating how they may influence the way individuals identified including prejudices, biases and existing stereotypes (both negative and positive)
-Minimum of 5 outside empirical resources are required for this paper
-These should be appropriately cited using in-text and in a reference page adhering to APA style.
An abstract must be provided after the title page. The abstract is descriptive in nature focusing on concise, but highly polished review of your paper.


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