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These are three different assignments for different classes. Each gets its own page, reference page, etc. No ESL, perfect English, good grammar please.
Communication Ethics Questions
Ethics: 1 page, Discussion 1: What features of an organization are most likely to make that organization a dwelling place for you? What makes you comfortable? Are there specific communicative actions in which you can engage that will help make that organization a dwelling place for others? This can be any group or organization such as the workplace, church, clubs, nonprofits or volunteers, gaming communities, support groups, etc.
This is an example answer, I want a better answer, more detail, cite sources:
For this forum I want to speak on an organization that is a part of my life just about every week. This organization or dwelling place is Gold’s Gym. For some reason this has been the most relaxing gym that I have ever been apart of. The atmosphere is incredible. This gym has a high rate of military personnel and Veterans, it’s never a dull moment. The staff is very friendly as well as the patrons that attend the gym. There is not one day that passes when I don’t meet someone new, or have an interesting conversation with one of the older Veterans. While attending this gym I have had several job offers, invites to homes and parties, and made a couple of new friends in the mix. There is always someone on hand if you need any questions answered, or help with learning how to work the new machines.
The only communicative actions that I see that could take place is to lower the prices of the gym memberships. Doing this will make it a affordable dwelling place for others. I have discussed this issue with management on several occasions, until the point that they actually started looking into what they can do to cut cost for others. This is a wonderful gym, and just wish that all of my friends and family could attend at a reasonable cost. Hopefully in the near future these high membership rates will be decreased, then everyone could experience the joy that I have while getting a great workout in.
Ethics: 1 page: Discussion 2 While organizational communication ethics is a broad term that refers to communication ethics within any organization, let’s consider the workplace for this forum. Please click on the icon below and read the short article provided by the American Psychological Association. Do you think this article is accurate? What do you think makes a business or workplace successful at communicating on various levels? What kind of organizational communication ethics should a workplace have? You may use examples from the article or from your own personal experiences.
Here is the article cite in APA:
Here is an example; again, I want a better answer don’t use.
Do you think this article is accurate?
Yes, I do think that this article is accurate. Such things as providing regular on-going opportunities for employees to provide feedback on management, with open two-way communication is a great way to start any job. This means employee and employers will have a firm understanding of what is being said. To me this is a very accurate article, all of the terms put in place made me feel comfortable and would except a job with these types of values.
What do you think makes a business or workplace successful at communicating on various levels?
I think that having a open door policy with a employer that does not judge the employee will make any business successful at communicating on various levels. The article also mentioned using multiple channels and leading by example. These two will also make a great success for communicating at a workplace. Using multiple channels such as trainings and staff meetings give the employee a chance to feel important to the company, and it also gives them a chance to express their thoughts about the companies values and the direction of the company. A great boss can learn from what their employees have on their minds. Leading by example is one of the more important things that any leader could do. I have always heard the saying, “do as I say, not as I do.” Leading by example may cause a trickle effect within the company, and employees always have their eyes on the boss, it has been so many cases when the employee see’s the boss do exactly the opposite of what they have been taught. To me that’s bad business within the company.
What kind of organizational communication ethics should a workplace have?
The article touched base with every type of communication ethics that I would like to have on any job. It is a great approach, and shows that the organization cares about their company and employees. To me it seems as if this company want’s to make their employees family members of their organization.

Public Relations Discussion Question:
These are the three questions:
1) What roles have the Internet and social media come to play in consumer relations?
2) What factors indicate that the potential for growth of public relations in China could be phenomenal?

3) It isn’t your moms and dads, grandmas or grandpas, or aunts or uncles way anymore? That summarizes the impact social media have had on writing, including the writing of news release. What would you tell a someone aspiring to enter the world of public relations to know about social media and writing for it?

This is a very good example. You may use it and rewrite:

Consumer relations is all about building sales, so how can the Internet and social media affect sales? First off, social media is one of the most persuasive vehicles of the 21st century (Seitel, 2014). By utilizing social media companies can try and persuade consumers to purchase their products. Once purchased, the company can then turn to the Internet and social media in order to make the customer a return customer. The upside for these companies is social media is inexpensive, the down side is that it can have large pitfalls (Seitel, 2014). Social media and the Internet will continue to grow because of four main factors: the demand to be educated rather than sold, the quest for conversation, need for real-time performance, and need for customization (Seitel, 2014). All of which apply to selling to consumers.
E-mail is one of the many forms of public relations. It allows for an almost instant communication with millions of people. It was estimated that the number of e-mail accounts would grow from 3.3 billion in 2012, to 4.3+ billion by the end of 2016 (Seitel, 2014). Nearly half of those e-mail accounts are in the Asia Pacific, with China pacing that growth. In the last ten years social media has actually developed at an annual growth of 30% in China (Seitel, 2014). Social media outlets over the years, in China, have evolved. They went from government ran to now being independent enterprises, giving them the potential to reach the 1.4 billion people in China.
When thinking of a public relations person, one would not think of someone who is a horrible writer. However, it’s true, public relations people are horrible writers (Seitel, 2014). Two types of writing is done in public relations: writing for readers and writing for listeners. Readers scan through material, move head, and even re-read things to gain a better understanding. Writing for listeners is vastly different. The listener, generally, only gets one chance to hear the message, if they miss it then there is no second chance (Seitel, 2014). If I had to give advice to someone wanting to write for public relations I would tell them to remember the key challenges of public relations, and follow them. Those being: have a well defined reason for sending the release; focus on one central subject in each release; make certain the subject is newsworthy in the context of the organization, industry, and community; include facts about the product, services, or issues being disclosed; and provide the facts “factually” with no puff, no bluff, no hyperbole (Seitel, 2014).
Seitel, F. (2014). The practice of public relations. Pearson, Inc.

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