Posted: November 10th, 2015



Each student is expected to review the discussion board regularly. Every student must first develop an intellectual opinion about the subject answering the questions provided and then provide a thought-provoking overall response to his/her group peers’ opinions.
The Initial Post (“Opinion Post”): Students will post their thoughts on the topic based on other published, peer-reviewed articles or readings. To receive credit for initial postings, each student will cite at least one reference from a peer reviewed journal source and post an opinion of at least 250 words (maximum 350 words). A maximum of 18 points are available for the initial post.
Response Post:  After reading all the initial (opinion) posts from his/her Group, the student will post one response post of at least250 words (maximum 350 words) to this thread. In this response post, each student must provide a thoughtful reflection on his/her Group members’ opinion on the assigned topic, including any areas in which he/she agrees or disagrees with group members, and why. See the discussion grading rubric for
more details on how the response post will be evaluated. A maximum of 12 points are available for the response post.

DISCUSSION BOARD #2 TOPIC:           Children’s Weight: The Role of Mom

Mother’s weight can have a significant impact on the weight of their children. “We rely on women to serve as the “Chief Health Officer for the family, but with more than a third being obese themselves, we’re unlikely to break the cycle with children without finding ways for moms to overcome their weight problems as well,” said Christine Ferguson, professor at The George Washington University and Director of the STOP
Obesity Alliance. “What’s more, achieving healthier weights for women, whether they are mothers or not, will mean a healthier society overall. Unfortunately, significant barriers stand in the way.”

Read the following documents:

Press release: Overcoming childhood obesity means addressing mom’s weight issues as well Preview the document View in a new window Official statement (mainly pages 1-6) from STOP Obesity Alliance and the collaborating partners

Statements-ALL.pdf (Links to an external site.)
Using specific professional examples to support your responses, please answer the following questions:
Imagine you are the director of the Hillsborough County Health Department.  You have been asked to develop an intervention to address women’s weight issues to prevent childhood obesity among 1 specific minority group.
For example, you may choose to focus either on African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans & Alaska Natives, or Asian. This recommendation should not focus only on doctor-patient interactions (HINT: For ideas, refer to the Child Obesity PPT lecture for a refresher on the Ecological Model. Think through your answers at each level of the SocioEcological Model)

Why is it important to address this issue?
Why is it important to address this issue among your selected minority group? (choose just one minority group)
What would you propose? Why? Be specific in describing your proposed intervention. (Choose at least 1 scholarly article* to use as a reference in your response. Make a scientific argument do not just state your opinion).


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